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Music Lessons
& Training

I believe music is an extraordinary gift that’s meant to be shared and enjoyed. Music, no matter the instrument, can be a hobby or profession taken with you for the rest of your days. Creativity, relaxation, an emotional outlet, or just a new challenge are amazing reasons for learning an instrument and enriching your life.

Flexible Lesson Times

Choose from a variety of session lengths that will fit into your schedule and meet your desired goals.

20 Minute Lesson

Ideal for younger students interested in learning guitar for the first time. While shorter, this session still allows for plenty of guitar education & training.

30 Minute Lesson

Perfect for anyone, from beginners to advanced guitar players. Start or expand your guitar playing without exhausting your schedule.

60 Minute Lesson

A great solution for mature students with little to no experience looking to really dive in and learn the fundamentals of guitar from the ground up.


Get personal lessons in the comfort of your own home.


Lessons provided in the Lubbock region and surrounding areas.


One-on-one virtual sessions available from any location.